Monday, October 29, 2012


I'm a little embarrassed to write about this but truly this resolve is where Grace in Mardo begins. Many who know me have heard me lament about my weight. But in the past years I have lamented less out- loud and lived with it more internally and alone. I've gotten to a certain point where I've given up. "I will just be overweight" and try being satisfied where I am. Honestly, I don't like saying those words;  deep down I don't really believe it, yet.... why can't I either "just do it", or be happy and content where I am. That is the big question I am asking myself and want to begin journaling about on my blog.

I've always felt like it's too personal to write so much about what is so obvious, it's the hidden sin that everyone can see. Yet, recently I've been very inspired by people who have shared their stories and are actually working through it. So for the few that read this blog, will you join me on this journey?


  1. I love you Mom! It's hard to be vulnerable, but I am joining you on the journey and here for whatever you want!

    1. Thanks Ginna, you and your example of marathon training has been very inspirational.

  2. I'm thankful that you've been inspired by others' stories and want to share your own story as you blog. I look forward to seeing what God shows you in this journey and praying for you along the way. Love you!

  3. Go Dorothy! I am glad to be along for the journey!