Saturday, June 30, 2012

June 30th

It's hard to believe that today is the last day of June. This month has been full and despite not recording my to-do list I actually accomplished plenty. The month began with the end of another school year, my 12th year at Caldwell, and ended with a sweet trip to my favorite get away spot, Hillsville, Virginia. Let me capture June in pictures from my new Canon camera! It's a learning curve figuring out how to operate it properly but what fun and the pictures are improving.
June Garden

Practicing with my new camera on the way to Charlotte
Chef Carrie for Father's Day
Yummy lunch
Ginna's bouquet for Michelle and Regan
Hillsville, Va

Blue Salvia

Blackberry coming

Deborah hard at work

Caroline meeting some Hillsville horses

My sweet Shiloh

Saturday, June 16, 2012

June To Do

As I've stated before.... I love summer and this one is no exception. Because of my personality I can swing from being busy as a bee in the garden shoveling mulch, to napping in the hammock, sleeping late, 7:30am. Quite often with this versatility is a habit of unfinished business. As I look around my sunroom, I see the art supplies from Wednesday's Art Do still hanging out on the table, a congratulations card for Michelle which needs to be addressed, behind me a book case that desperately needs sorting, and mail that was opened but never handled again. I guess it's not a bad thing because I never get bored; I just jump from one thing to another. Yet, I don't want to get to the end of this glorious season and see a list of unfinished projects. Good thing we are on June 15 now 16 as I finish this blog, and I have half of the month still to go. My attempt at a to do list will be just for the rest of this month, June, so stay tuned. My recent favorite past time is:


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

First Fruits

What a thrill stepping into the garden and picking this for dinner! My raised beds are doing their job.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rhthym in MarDo

I'm finding it hard to get in the routine, rhythm of blogging. If you are reading this and you have a blog you can count on me reading your blog daily or at least looking to see if you have updated. I know those of you who are family and friends who also read blogs love it when I write....

So let me update you on what's been happening since I was "released" for summer which was less than a week ago.

  • we had our sweet friends the Creacy's from Memphis spend 4 nights with us, two on their way to the Outer Banks and two coming back through
  • we hosted a big dinner gathering (25) Sunday night for them
  • treating Shiloh who has had a mysterious injury swollen leg and I've only ridden her 2 times since I've bought her
The list goes on but those are the highlights. When our friends drove out of the driveway yesterday I felt like I could crash, I hardly knew what to do with myself so...... I invited Diane to come over  and go through boxes of Mom's memorabilia, not sure that was a good thing because it reminded me of my sweet momma.

Are you tired yet? Thankfully,  after a good nights sleep I awakened to a slower day with simple plans of drinking coffee, reading, checking on my garden.....and maybe not making a plan. I do need some rejuvenation. But, I started this blog with the confession of not being in a rhthym. I will try and be more regular..... so stay tuned. I'll leave you with what I love so much.... my yard.

Lacecap Hydrangea by our deck

Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer Time


I could spend the next week seeking forgiveness for not blogging or make excuses why I haven't or just suck it up and move on. I'm taking the latter road because life is too short and with today being the last day of school I must get ready for what is ahead.

For as long as I can remember I've lived around a "school calendar". When I was a child, I lived for summer. I'd plod through the ten months and long for that last day of school. This carried on through college, marriage, child bearing and rearing, and now for the past 16 years working in a school. There is a beginning and an end. Today is the end. It will be a half day with closing ceremony at 10:30 and "Have a Great Summer" announced at 11:30am! Three days next week will wrap up the filing and paperwork but we can adorn jean shorts and sandals as we glide into the "dog days" of summer.

You will see me more around Grace in MarDo; I have a lot to share.