Sunday, March 25, 2012

Old Dog New Tricks

I love learning new things and yet for as long as I can remember I have been confused about how anchors in the wall work, so instead of asking I would avoid it. These days you really have no excuse about anything because you can find it on the internet. So yesterday one of my goals was to hang the toilet and towel holders. I knew that if I hit a stud it was no problem but into drywall was another matter. 
I made two holes in the wall using my hand drill (a wonderful, can't live without tool)

I then took the anchors and screwed them in the wall using a phillips screwdriver, so they were flat against the wall

I then screwed the plate in the wall so it was tight and 

Voila, you place the holder on the plate and it's snug!

It literally took me five minutes!

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