Saturday, June 16, 2012

June To Do

As I've stated before.... I love summer and this one is no exception. Because of my personality I can swing from being busy as a bee in the garden shoveling mulch, to napping in the hammock, sleeping late, 7:30am. Quite often with this versatility is a habit of unfinished business. As I look around my sunroom, I see the art supplies from Wednesday's Art Do still hanging out on the table, a congratulations card for Michelle which needs to be addressed, behind me a book case that desperately needs sorting, and mail that was opened but never handled again. I guess it's not a bad thing because I never get bored; I just jump from one thing to another. Yet, I don't want to get to the end of this glorious season and see a list of unfinished projects. Good thing we are on June 15 now 16 as I finish this blog, and I have half of the month still to go. My attempt at a to do list will be just for the rest of this month, June, so stay tuned. My recent favorite past time is:


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