Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Checkup

I have decided to begin a regular Monday Blog. I'm kinda copying my daughter's blog idea with regular questions I complete. Let's see how it goes!

1. I accomplished last week:
  • Petals got a haircut and was groomed at PetSmart
  • Started painting the outside of the house
  • Shiloh crossed the water, rather jumped it, but got over it
2. Goal(s) for the week:
  • Buy more porch paint
  • Locate shutters I want to build for house
  • Move to friends house while floors being stained
  • Work at Caldwell 2 days
  • Celebrate sister's birthday
  • Ride Shiloh each day
  • Take Petals for a walk each day
3. Challenges for the week: Marshall and I living in someone else's home while the animals stay outside in Oak Ridge

4. Something you may not know about.... me, I love riding dressage but we(Shiloh and me) look nothing like the Olympics!

5. I am curious about:
  • how this school year will go

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