Sunday, August 5, 2012

One Project Leads To Another

The kitchen is taking shape with all the bottom cabinets installed and ready for Monday's granite measuring appointment. So with little to be done for now inside the house I purchased paint for the exterior. I've been thinking about this project for sometime. An interesting side note, when we bought the house the owner shared how he would paint a side a year. If you look closely you can tell that something is different. Either it was the sun, new paint or old paint, but each side is actually a different shade. We also were in need of painting the trim and shutters which now are a dark, dark red, on the deck side, the paint is actually an ugly mauve. To me when you look at the house you see darkness.

Needless to say, I'm not sure now was the time to start but .... we did. Trying to match up the paint was a challenge so I took a sample but found something at Sherwin Williams that I liked better. It's different though, which means it looks different and will "force" us to finish the exterior in one year rather than 4yrs like the previous owner. I decided to paint the red trim a gray white which will open up the look too. I have plans to make shutters from a design that looks fairly simple.

I hope I'm not making anyone feel anxious as I describe this mammoth task, for now we will take one brush stroke at a time. Thankfully, Marshall agreed to help. Here are a few pictures of the color.

I think the change will make everything look crisp and new looking. It has a dark gray/green tint to it. I will keep you posted. If anybody loves to paint I'm sure I will have lots of opportunities to share the love!


  1. It looks great! Oh how I wish I was there- painting was always good therapy for me . . . maybe I'll have to pull out some watercolors!

  2. Dorothy, I don't know if I'm inspired or shamed! All in good time, I guess. I love what you are doing! Must be so satisfying.