Friday, August 10, 2012

Rug shopping

I peeked through our bedroom doors yesterday to catch a glimpse of the hardwood floors. They looked very, very nice with their second coat of stain. By Monday we will back at home and I'm sure walking "gently" on the new floors. It reminds me of a brand new car and waiting for the first "ding". I am in the market for a new rug for the living room and hall.

Ever been to Capel Mill rug outlet in Troy, NC? Yesterday I felt a field trip was in order. I drove down after lunch with Ginna. It was a good 1hour20min and in the middle of nowhere. When I drove up I thought they were closed but thankfully I was wrong. I spent about an hour looking at rugs. Quickly I realized I hadn't done enough research on what I wanted and the size I needed. The choices were plentiful and prices too.

I'm glad I went even though it was a long trip. I'm now looking at what's closer to home and checking out my favorite blogs for ideas. It's a big decision. I'm actually thinking of something light and natural like a jute type rug. Whatcha think?

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