Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shiloh and Water

I have thoroughly enjoyed  Shiloh this summer. I bought her at the end of the school year and we have been having fun getting to know each other.

Shiloh is not a fan of crossing water. She doesn't have much experience on a daily basis so I've been trying to coax without too much fuss. To me it seems so simple- just walk in it, it will feel good, you can even have a sip. But no. I'm afraid to her she sees a monster that will rise up from the depths. Regardless this was my goal.

There is a small creek that we have been practicing on but every time we get to it she stops and won't budge. Today I tried taking her to the creek in her halter and a bucket with grain. You can see by the pictures that she wasn't won over enough.

I put the bucket in the water thinking it would  cause her to come closer, that she did but not enough to get her feet wet.

We will keep trying. I'm going to solicit a helper  to stand behind her with a stick or whip and encourage her to get her feet wet!

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  1. Dorothy, you have been BUSY blogging! (me too)
    I love seeing your photos and reading about the things we've done together - and the things we haven't. Love you.