Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Angie's List

A big piece of this kitchen puzzle is two fold, having the right people in place and staying within budget. When I put my calendar together I knew who I wanted for my painter, Jeremiah Johnson's painting company. He refinished our deck last year; he is dependable and reasonable. He came by for a quote and I shared the dates I NEEDED him and he apologetically announced he was on vacation that whole week. When you are doing this kind of project certain things have to happen in order and painting is the next piece. I can paint and have painted many rooms in my lifetime but we also need drywall repair and we are removing the popcorn ceiling. I removed the popcorn ceiling in the bathroom project but was so so satisfied with my work and want this to look professional. I even wanted them to paint the sections not covered by the cabinets.

So, why Angie's List? Looking for a competent painter was of high priority and with my trip out west I knew his selection before I left was high priority. I had heard of Angie's List and decided to give it a try. I came across the painter who is here this morning. He had great reviews. I think he will do a great job and can do a lot more than just paint and drywall. His trailer says Handyman Unlimited, and his tag line is: "Your Honey-Do-List" Specialist. Very appealing!

Drywall repair

Popcorn coming down

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