Saturday, July 21, 2012

New Job Title

When we decided to have the kitchen redone and we got our estimate I knew I wanted to take on the challenge of being the GC or General Contractor. This person actually oversees the entire project from hiring/firing to the completed job.
  • electrician
  • plumber
  • flooring 
  • painting
  • installation of cabinets
  • installation of countertops
  • selecting and purchasing sink, faucet, light fixtures, appliances
  • overseeing the demolition of walls and opening of pass throughs
I would not have taken on this task if it weren't for having lived through the guest bathroom remodeling and the desire to save about $13,000. I experienced many mistakes but worked with a lot of great people! Thankfully, with this list and the support of my family I decided to take on the challenge. 

One of the guys who is here this morning is Dwayne who owns a flooring business. When we did the bathroom and I discovered that you can't put tile on particle board I called my friend Karen who works for a contractor and she gave me his name. He is great. In fact I called him to see if he could widen our kitchen pass through. Thankfully, I decided to have him take up the initial flooring and tear out the pantry too. As he removed the floor he discovered a second layer of linoleum and plywood that had to come out for it to accommodate the new wood floor that's going down on Thursday. Oh boy, I thought it would be simple removing the flooring. 

If there is one thing I have learned, nothing is simple and always expect to run into possible problems. Not my typical frame of mind but definitely a practical one. 

What's kinda funny is I think my dad would have been proud!

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