Friday, July 20, 2012


There is never a dull moment in my life and I have to say I like it this way, for the most part. Check with me in a week to see how I'm doing. Today begins my kitchen remodel and a month from today we should be happily enjoying it!?

If you've ever been to our home the kitchen is the least attractive room. The cabinets are quite outdated and uneven, the counter tops have conveniently separated from each other and no longer resist simple stains, and the list goes on.Though, I don't want to be too critical because it has functioned quite well for the past 3.5 years. We have cooked many meals in its simple state, hosted fun showers, dinner parties, stay-cations, and many celebrations. BUT, today begins a monthlong redo!

To start I wanted to share my final pictures of the kitchen before the tear out begins at 9am.

Pass through will be enlarged, pantry removed and no top cabinets

Stove will be moved over to the left 
Dishwasher relocated

Say goodbye to the window ruffle
Refrig relocated

This will look different with shutters and enlarged
Serving as the General Contractor is challenging but I'm hopeful I have chosen good people to do my work! I will keep you posted as we learn to live without a kitchen sink and counters! Stay tuned.

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  1. So excited for you and I look forward to seeing the completed project!