Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Trip

Thanks to Caldwell, Marshall and I are in Arizona where I will be attending a conference for a software I use to help guide and direct my high school students. 

We arose very early Monday morning (3am) for a flight at 5:15. It was fun to be with Marshall on a trip. I've taken quite a few trips alone but so glad to have him along this time. 

After we got in our room (9:30am) we ventured out to catch a bite to eat, hard to know what to eat breakfast or lunch. So I got a Farmer's Market Egg Wrap with veggies and Marshall had a BLT with Turkey and fries.

This was the view right before we turned into our room.

I spent the afternoon in the Hot 111 heat by the pool. It was very nice but you couldn't stay out of the water long. The water was also warm but definitely helped.

My conference begins today with two all day sessions. I'm sure it will be informational and useful but have to get into the "work" mode. I hope to update later.

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