Friday, July 27, 2012

Day Eight of Renovations

I've figured out how to fix coffee every morning and we have a stash of diet cokes in the refrigerator but dinner out is usually in order. It's interesting living in two rooms w/o a kitchen. I'm sure we will get more creative as the days go by. Here's my renovation checklist:

  1. Unload all kitchen cabinets
  2. Remove kitchen cabinets
  3. Kitchen Floor removed
  4. Pass through enlarged
  5. Pendant light selected
  6. Pantry torn out
  7. Furniture and appliances moved
  8. Electrical reworked
  9. Paint colors selected, paint purchased
  10. Drywall repaired
  11. Kitchen painted
  12. Carpet torn out
  13. Hardwoods delivered
  14. Hardwoods installed
  15. Cabinets delivered
  16. Electrical completed
  17. Dishwasher purchased
  18. Faucet purchased
  19. Disposal purchased
  20. Granite measured
  21. Floors stained
  22. Granite installed
  23. Appliances placed
  24. Kitchen organized
  25. House cleaned and put back together!
Painted walls. Chose a basic white to keep it simple.

Truck delivering hardwoods

Goodbye nasty, dirty carpet!