Monday, July 23, 2012

Kitchen Renovation Con't...

Saturday was a big day with the pantry being removed and our pass through enlarged. Dwayne and his helper came at 9 and were out by 12:30. They did a great job for a reasonable price!

      See the difference?

The new view will really allow us to see what's happening in the living room
Last night Marshall and I moved the small furniture out of the living room and all my china and crystal from the corner cupboard, pie safe and secretary. My house is a disaster. The movers came early this morning to move furniture. I knew Marshall and I couldn't do it and most of our friends are too old to help so I found this guy when we he delivered our leather sofa we bought at Consignment One. We are having hardwoods put in the kitchen and throughout the living room and hall. Along with the movers the electricians came to begin work on the kitchen. Should be an exciting day at MarDo.

This will be our living arrangements for a while!

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