Thursday, February 23, 2012

Glances in Mardo

Three weeks ago I began "A Praying Life" ladies bible study. We have met twice and what a sweet time working through this book. We talked some last night about coming to him like little children; just as we are, messy, impulsive, and persistent. I shared with my friends how He met me this week.

A definite place of weakness and struggle are the ugly messages of my past that seem to haunt me at unexpected times.  On Tuesday as I was putting on the finishing touches of my outfit, hair and makeup, I took a final glance in the mirror, and out of the blue said, "Dorothy, you look beautiful". This isn't a typical conversation I have with myself.  As I drove to work I began reflecting on what I had said and how I needed to fill myself with messages of truth. The more I thought the more tears felt close to slipping out.

Each Tuesday and Thursday the Rhetoric staff meet for devotion and prayer. On this particular Tuesday I heard God speak to me through my principal. I don't really recall how he began but I heard the following words that God spoke to Jesus:

Mark 1: 11

And a voice came from Heaven: "You are my beloved Son: with you I am well pleased."

My heart felt pierced and the pent-up tears slipped down my cheeks; I knew these words were for me. My heavenly father loves and accepts me with His perfect love. 


  1. This is my favorite post yet! You are beautiful mom! Even when you had NO HAIR you were beautiful! Believe those words! :) Love you

    PS: i like that bathroom picture... thats a pretty seagreen :)

  2. Lucy beat me to it, but no one can hear it too many times- you are beautiful, Dorothy, inside and out!