Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Praying Life

 A number of years ago I borrowed a book from Marshall's book shelf, which if you've ever been to our home it's quite filled with books and more books. In fact the other day I hosted a shower for a friend's daughter and a guest commented, "you must be a writer", I said no, just a husband who loves to read and especially about theology. Well back to the point, the book I borrowed was A Praying Life by Paul Miller. I read it very slowly; a chapter every few days while savoring each word and new thought. Two years ago at the beginning of the school year Caldwell's board chair gave us each a gift. A book that had changed him, A Praying Life by Paul Miller. I was so excited to see that others felt the same way, I began to pass it along to friends and family. In the last year I've had a yearning. A yearning to study this book with a group of ladies. Tonight my yearning comes true with the beginning of a study, a praying life. It's a little out of character for me to lead a study. You know all the "messages" that keep you from acting, but tonight begins a new journey of putting those "messages" aside and let Him lead, guide and fill.

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  1. Love that book! Wish that I lived in the neighborhood and could attend. Praying for your time tonight.