Saturday, February 18, 2012

Why HGTV Helped Me

There are many reasons why watching HGTV has helped me get through this Day One. It seems like with any remodeling job there are hiccups. Our renovation was no exception. Diane and I thought we could make a dent this morning but it turned out it was more complicated; we put it on hold until Michael could join us.  The pictures tell it all!
Before shot of what we were removing

After shot, notice the back of the cabinet, they actually used kitchen cabinets so there was a back to the cabinet making it difficult to remove the cabinet over the plumbing, but.....

Diane used her special tool to cut it out so we didn't have to remove the plumbing.

Now to the floor.
First layer, thin sheet of plywood and then flower pattern.

Michael removing the toilet and then to discover....

Rotten floor.
Michael's foot actually went through the floor.

We have a problem!

Our budgeted project is turning out to be a bigger challenge. There is a good chance the floor under the bathtub is rotten too. A visit under the house is in order and a new plan put in place. This project will be put on hold for the day while I attend a trail riding clinic in Stokesdale. Stay tuned!

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  1. Oh my! Thankful that you had help and I can hear bits of laughter in the midst of it all! Keep us posted!