Thursday, February 16, 2012

Winter Break!

Today we have an all day "Communication" workshop with Caldwell's staff. At the end of the day begins a long weekend, returning to work on Tuesday. Our Admin wisely added a Winter Break to this year's schedule. Everyone is weary. Rest and rejuvenation is in order to finish the year strong.

I began my ToDo list last night. With roughly four days of basically unscheduled time, I should be able to accomplish a lot!

  1. Clean out Jack and Jill bathroom cabinets
  2. Tear out cabinets and floors in J&J
  3. Select paint color for bathroom
  4. Remove Popcorn ceiling
  5. Mow leaves in compost area so they will decompose quicker
  6. Take chemicals to recycling place
  7. Pull unwanted vines from Rhododendron bush
  8. Clean up sticks/branches in yard
  9. Plant pansies (if I can find them)
  10. Pull out paints to play

A few fun things are planned:

Saturday I'll spend all day at a Trial Riding clinic at the Equestrian Center of Rockingham County
Sunday a family dinner planned with everyone coming 
Wahoo! Can't wait for 4pm today!

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